Proudly Protecting the Communities of Aurora and Newmarket


Joint Council Committee Members

​​Current Joi​​nt Council

Newmarket: Aurora:
​Deputy Mayor / Regional Councillor Tom Vegh  ​Councillor Michael Thompson (Chair)
Councillor Christina Bisanz (Chair)​Councillor John Gallo
​Councillor Kelly BroomeCouncillor Rachel Gilliland​
    Newmarket Staff:     Ian McDougall, Chief Administrative Officer
                                    M. Mayes, Director of Financial Services
        Aurora Staff:          D. Nadorozny, Chief Administrative Officer
                                              R. Wainwright-van Kessel, Director of Finance

 I. Laing, Fire Chief
R. Volpe, Deputy Fire Chief 
J. Inglis, Deputy Fire Chief
C. Duval, Assistant Deputy Chief




Joint Council Committee​