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​​Firefighters in trainingThe Training Division is responsible for ensuring that the firefighters and officers of CYFS are well trained in their duties and can operate effectively and as safely as possible. Reporting to Assistant Deputy Chief Claude Duval are three Training Officers - Captain Tamara Roitman, Captain Andrew Burdette, and Captain Scott Hewlett. CYFS provides a wide range of emergency services and this poses a particular challenge to provide the needed comprehensive training.






Working through small spaces
​The Training Officers perform a range of services from research into needed training for the department, identifying appropriate courses for staff, developing courses/programs for CYFS staff, coordinating platoon instructors and delivering training. The Training Division also provides consulting and counselling on individual personal staff development. The Training Officers assess the progress of training and report to the Assistant Deputy Chief on a regular basis.






More small spacesThe threeTraining Officers are also utilized for a number of other activities within the department and in related activities to other town departments as well as with other emergency services in York Region, such as emergency planning and training, support of provincial fire service training (trainer facilitators and Fire College courses). These include managing some specialized equipment, involvement in equipment purchases and participating in recruit selection.






Training with ladders


Training with burning buildings